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Cancer Survivor Shares 'Cool Things About Cancer Diagnosis'

Mystery, thriller and detective novelist --Amanda Kyle Williams, author of novels featuring Keye Street -- recently released the following public statement: "I was thinking this morning that one of the cool things about getting a cancer diagnosis ..."

The Frightening Effects of the Celebrity "Baby Bump" Craze

Take a Mindful Break ... You can start with just 15 seconds!

Practicing mindfulness brings you to NOW, this present moment. Research has shown benefits of mindfulness to lower blood pressure and boost the immune system; increase attention and focus; and help reduce anxiety and depression. Not only do I encourage my clients to practice being mindful, but I, too, try to incorporate mindfulness within my professional and personal life. The practice of mindfulness may seem challenging at first but it becomes easier to do over time.

Monday Music 4 Recovery

Music is a natural way to channel our personal feelings. It can provide hope, inspire change, or offer a therapeutic outlet to be heard and understand one’s self. Songs are selected from all stages of recovery, from tragedy to triumph. The music featured is an assortment from different genres including rock, pop, r & b, rap, and Christian contemporary. The"Guardian" by Alanis Morissette is today’s feature.

Dads Can Help End Fat Talk to Kids Too!

We hear about the importance of how mothers talk to their children about body image and body size. Fathers can play a role too. Read this blog in NY Times ...

8 Myths About Eating Disorders

Working in the eating disorder treatment field, I spend a lot of time educating about eating disorders not only to those struggling with the disorder, but also to their loved ones. I also spend time promoting awareness about eating disorders to the general public as well.

Mindfulness Apps for Living in the Now

Mindfulness can be practiced inside or outside of formal meditation. You can practice it for a few moments or a few minutes- practice it while sitting on the beach at sunset, lying on your bed, sitting on a park bench. Anywhere.